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Janet Buntain
Richard Buntain
David Cook
Bradley Croskey
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Joann Dineen
David DiSalvo
Frederick Griech
Jonathan Harrison
Greg Hussing
Richard Kellar
David Kline
Patrick Larson
Dennis Loughry
Roger Lyons
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James Noonan, DVM
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David Thomas
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Dee West
Paul Wilkie, MD


Helene Hussing
Karl Starks
Rebecca Allman, President
Christeen Parsons, Vice President
Kimberly Ray, Secretary
Mollie Gilbride, Treasurer
Craig Sisak, Past President


Serving our community since 2000



Patrick Wack, Esq.

​​Executive Committee

Keith Lucas

Christeen Parsons
Nancy Wack

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The Tallmadge Foundation became a reality in the Fall of 2000. A small group of Tallmadge residents established the Foundation for the purpose of fostering, enhancing and supporting educational, cultural and recreational enrichment for the community of Tallmadge. The Foundation would provide a vehicle to fund programs and projects where initiatives would come from community-based civic organizations, the local schools, local government and even individuals. These initiatives could include learning opportunities, cultural programs, development seminars, workshops and skill development. The Foundation’s avenues of funding are open through grants and partnering with organizations and individuals in the community.

Trustee Members

Pamela Loughry


Community foundations, such as the Tallmadge Foundation, are tax-exempt charities organized as collections of individual funds. Unique among charitable organizations, community foundations are experts in both sides of the philanthropic exchange.

  • We do not limit our support to a single cause or organization.
  • We have expertise in legal, accounting, tax and investment in connection with potential estate and gift planning.
  • We are able to set up special funds for endowment gifting.
  • We partner with other civic organizations rather than compete.